Dust Collector Machines


Allow Midwest Finishing Systems to help improve air quality in your facility. We offer the most efficient collection and filtration technologies for dust, fume and mist particluate. We have many standard dust collector machine models or can design a unit to meet your application. MFS can also provide you with a complete line of filter bags and cartridges.

dust collector machinesCARTRIDGE COLLECTOR

  • Many models from 100 cfm – 100,000 cfm
  • Compact high-efficiency filtering
  • Auto self-cleaning design
  • Second-stage HEPA filtering available
  • Can be installed inside or outside the plant
fume collectorFUME COLLECTOR

  • Collects harmful welding fumes and smoke
  • Stationary or portable units
  • Self-contained ceiling mounted
  • Flex-trunk weld fume extraction arms
mist collectorMIST COLLECTOR

  • Coolant and machining oil mist collectors
  • Removes airborne contaminants
  • Designed for grinding, wet machining, die casting and soldering
  • Also, CNC machining, turning and milling applications
down draft tableDOWN DRAFT TABLE

  • Self-contained dust collector bench used in grinding and polishing
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Provides a cleaner working environment
  • Helps support OSHA clean air standards